A quick polish to complete the look, gels for long lasting shine or the luxury of 3 levels of pampering for hands or feet – you choose!


File & PaintExpressClassicLuxuryGelSoak off
10 mins25 mins40 mins55 mins30 mins
20 mins
Hands & Feet£30.00
50 mins1 hour 20 mins1 hour 50 mins
Manicure and Pedicure£52.00£72.00£98.00
Gelish Manicure30 mins£27.00
Gelish Manicure & Soak Off45 mins£37.00
Gelish Pedicure30 mins£27.00
Gelish Pedicure & Soak Off45 mins£37.00
Gelish Manicure & Pedicure1 hour£54.00
Gelish Soak Off15 mins£10.00