Tone Up

TONE UP uses new technology, in two separate modes that can help you TONE UP and/or SLIM. Overall it helps you to detox, burns 400 calories per session, reduces localised fat, cellulite and water retention, improves your metabolism and has a systemic anti-ageing effect.

It can be used as a solitary form of exercise or it can be used with other cardio-vascular exercise (not weights) to increase the effect.

What does it do?

In TONE mode it sends stimulation to the muscles to oblige them to move. Not only does it work all the muscles in arms, legs, belly and back, but it also works on muscles that we cannot see externally, like those relating to digestion etc. It converts localised fat to energy that is used to build muscle and/or reduce circumference. It increases metabolism and helps your Hypothalamus gland to build memory to move muscles.

It works 300 muscles in a 20 minute session – equivalent to 4-5 hours at the gym!

In SLIM mode the same stimulation removes toxins, aids lymphatic drainage and improves circulation. Blood flow and oxygen supply are increased, toxins are excreted and skin cell renewal is encouraged, helping with skin texture and elasticity also.

One session of Tone Up SLIM can be as effective as five alternative compression therapies (body wraps)!

The modes can be used separately or combined, tailored to your individual needs to give maximum results.

Will it suit me?

The treatment is not suited to pregnant or breastfeeding women and those with other complications in their medical histories e.g Cancer, Pacemaker, Epilepsy (further information/advice will be discussed during the free consultation).

Are there any side effects/risks?

As with other forms of exercise, you may feel temporary discomfort due to lactic acid, post treatment.

How long does it take?

Each session in TONE mode takes 20 minutes, while in SLIM mode, a session is a little over an hour.

When are results visible?

The results vary depending on how you use the system, whether you are using it just for slimming or to tone up, and if you are on a combination programme using T Shape.

Is there any preparation/aftercare needed?

No – but gentle exercise (on the day of, or following the therapy) and a good, balanced diet and will improve results. A home care regime/products will be discussed.


Tone up
£65 per session

Book a course of 6 and receive 10% off full price

Combine a tone up course to any t shape course and receive 20% off all treatments!

Tone up slim

Course of 4 and receive 10% off
Course of 6 and receive 15% off

Combine a course of 6 tone up slims to any t shape course and receive 20% off all treatments!