Advanced Therapies

For more information please see advanced treatments.


ROTATIONAL DIAMOND MICRODERMABRASION – Ideal for intense exfoliation and rejuvenation.

40 minutes   1 session    £59.00                 Course of 6          £295.00


LED FACIAL – A perfect partner to any facial to treat

20 mins   1 session        £25.00                  Course of 6          £108.00


CHEMICAL PEELS – The ultimate exfoliation – out with the old & in with the new!

30 mins  1 session  60.00             Course of 3     £162.00     Course of 6    £320.00


BODY CONTOURING – Bespoke packages for inch loss, fat reduction and reduction of cellulite – a celebrity favourite!

From £550.00


SKIN TIGHTENING – Using Radio Frequency to stimulate collagen and eleasins to tighten and contour skin on your face and body.

From £290.00


HIFU SKIN UPLIFT – the latest technology to non surgically lift & tighten your face and neck in just ONE treatment!

From £900.00


DERMAROLLERING –Combining Micro-needling and Radio Frequency to stimulate collagen for younger, firmer skin.

From £505.00


ELECTROMESOTHERAPY – a non-invasive method to increase product penetration and hydration to the skin.

From £75.00


PREMIUM BESPOKE ADVANCED ELECTRICAL FACIAL- The ultimate facial for amazing results! The package, tailored to the individual needs of your skin involves 2 to 4 electrical treatments – Diamond Rotational Microdermabrasion, LED light therapy, Radio-Frequency & Electromesotherapy.

70 mins                                    £120