All of our facials include a double cleanse, exfoliation and moisturisation with products chosen to target your individual needs; Soothing, ultra-soothing, balancing, purifying, anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle, brightening, lifting, firming. Your skin will be softer, fresher and rejuvenated whilst the aromatherapy fragrances and gentle pressure applied will leave your mind relaxed.

Relaxation facial for Men and Women £65

This indulgent facial uses products selected for your individual needs, combined with a massage of your face, head and arms, you can lie back and let us treat your mind, body and skin.

Buy a course of 5 and get a 6th for FREE!

Add Ons to Any Facial – A perfect partner to your facial.

Eye Presotherapy £25*

A lymphatic drainage treatment that massages the eye area and aims to promote deeper penetration of product into the skin, relieving swelling and restoring radiance and texture.


LED Facial £20

Different coloured lights are used to target specific issues – brilliant for rejuvenation, anti-ageing, acne and even SAD syndrome.


Electromesotherapy £20

Using technology to help open channels in the skin, deeper penetration of the serums targeted at your individual needs is achieved.


Milia Removal

Add this to our Extraction or Luxury Facial to rid your skin of the unsightly white bumps that blight your complexion.


At LAB we offer a range of non-surgical, non-invasive solutions to improve skin health, resist the appearance of age, improve skin tone and fade scarring. Please ask for more information.

Diamond Microdermabrasion £65

Enjoy a relaxing facial with Rotational Diamond Microdermabrasion to encourage skin cell renewal, reduce pores and congestion & improve fine lines. Your skin will be polished and rejuvenated whilst your mind has a chance to unwind!

Chemical Peels £80

Promote a youthful appearance, maintain healthy skin and prevent chronic skin issues. Perfect for a range of issues including a dull complexion, scarring, sun damage and acne!

Derma-Rollering Course of 3 from £650

The 3D Derma-Roller delivers Radio Frequency energy deep into the skin, which combined with micro-needling stimulates collagen formation and tightens elastin fibres. The ultimate solution for scarring, pigmentation and open pores resulting in smoother, younger looking skin!