Unwanted fat

Fat is a basic component that makes up the structure of your body, along with other components such as muscle, water, bone and your organs. All are necessary for normal, healthy functioning.

Body fat can be divided into two categories: Essential fat and storage fat.

As its name implies, essential fat is necessary for normal, healthy functioning. It is stored in small amounts in your bone marrow, organs, central nervous system and muscles. In men, essential fat is approximately 3% of body weight. Women, however, have a higher percentage of essential fat — about 12%. This is because their essential fat also includes some gender-specific fat (which is believed to be critical for normal reproductive function) found in the breasts, pelvis, hips and thighs.

Excess fat is stored which increases weight and inches. Diet can help reduce these, as can exercise. Although exercise can help to reduce inches and tone up skin, the sheer quantity involved is often too much for self-help remedies however we can help with this.


Recommended Treatments:

— T-Shape

— Tone Up

— Cryolipolysis

— 3D (Combination of Cavitation, Cryolipolysis, RF, Dermology)

— Shrinking Violet (Body Wrap)