Available for Men and Women. Strip & Hot wax available for long lasting results and silky smooth skin. At LAB we use Hot wax for all Intimate areas for a more pleasant experience and less irritation.

Brazilian Wax£33
Hollywood Wax£33
London Wax£33
Nostrils Wax£10
Lip Wax£8£6
Chin Wax£8£6
Sides of Face£14
Full Face (incl. Brow Shape)£30
Neck Wax£12
Underarm Wax£14£10
1/2 Arms£15
Full Arms£25
Navel Line Wax£8£6
Standard Bikini£15£13
High Bikini£20
1/2 Leg - top£20
1/2 Leg- bottom£18
3/4 Leg£24
Full Leg£30
Brow & Lip£15
Brow, Lip & Chin£21
Brow & Underarm£19
Lip & Chin£11
Lip, Chin & Neck£21
Chin & Neck£16
Full Face & Neck£39
Full Face incl. Brow Shape£30
Intimate & 3/4 Legs£54
Intimate & Bottom 1/2 Legs£49
Intimate & Buttocks£44
Intimate & Full Legs£59
Intimate & Navel Line£36
Intimate & Top 1/2 Legs£50
Intimate, Navel Line & Buttocks £47