Each one is bespoke & prescriptive to address your individual needs, whether to address a skin condition or just to de-stress and treat yourself – you will end up feeling and looking refreshed and rejuvenated

Express (20 mins)              25.00

Classic (40 mins)               45.00

Luxury (60 mins)                65.00

Teen (20 mins)                    19.00


LAB’s Bespoke Deluxe Anti Ageing Facial

Before booking please book a consultation first
Our revolutionary anti ageing facial. A facial comprising of 4 technologies all rolled into one!;

1 hour 15 min                                £120

Microdermabrasion – To encourage skin cell renewal and reduce pores and congestion

40 mins                                    £59

Radio frequency – to stimulate the connective tissue the skin resulting in tighter skin and reduced lines & wrinkles

Electromesotherapy – a non invasive technology to increase product penetration to hydrate the skin to the max

45 mins                                    £75

LED lights – to target specific problems and even improve your mood
The creme de la creme of advanced facials!

20 mins                                    £25

Derma Roller –

Consultation (15 mins)                                  £0.01

Derma Roller (Course of 3) (30 mins)                                  £505.00

HIFU Non Surgical Face LiftDurationPrice
Consultation15 min£0.01
Eyes45 min£400.00
Neck1 hour£400.00
Face1 hour 30 min£700.00
Full Face & Neck2 hours£900.00